MARC BRICKMAN is a world renowned lighting artist and production designer whose work and profile has been featured by The New York Times (Arts feature story, Sunday edition), 48 Hours, The Today Show, CBS Evening N, and others. Recognized as a cutting edge innovator in the industry, Brickman has painted some of the world's most iconic landmarks with light including the Venice Grand Canal, the National Gallery in Washington DC, and The Empire State Building in New York.

Brickman made history with The Empire State Building, as his canvas in late 2012. With 16 million LED lights provided by Phillips, Marc conducted his first of many light shows, with music by Alicia Keys.

Recently, Marc partnered with Verizon to create a digital interactive campaign that let Twitter users pick the color of the Empire State Building by predicting the winner of the Super Bowl using #WhosGonnaWin. The project was a hit with fans, generating the most tweets of any Super Bowl campaign and was featured in The New York Times.

Watch him light up the New York City Sky here.